1、 Talents

*Experts from the National Recruitment Program of Global Experts and other industry 10

*International Experts from U.S.A, Japan, Germany, Australia. 7

*Senior Engineer at Professor Grade. 16

*Senior Professional Post. 177

*Doctor. 18

*Master. 219

*Technicians. 2241

2、National Science and Technology Innovation Platform

*National Enterprise Technology Center.

*National Innovative Enterprise.

*The Engineering Research Center Jointly Built by Country and Local Authority.

*National Engineering Technology Center of Environmental Protection and Power Industry Fumes Control.

*National Engineering Laboratory of Flue Gas Multi-pollutant Control Technology and Equipment (Jointly built).

*International Science & Technology Cooperation Base.

*Academician Expert Workstation.

*Postdoctoral Scientific Research Workstation.

3、International prestigious atmospheric environmental research and Testing center

Longking are fully capable to carry out the researching,testing, verifying, designing and simulating work, with a scientific and experimental research area of 18 thousand square meters,as well as the world-class large testing devices for flue gas dust collection, FGD, SNCR, and bulk material conveying equipment,and analyzing platforms for air pollutants. The Longking research and development ability has ranked top in the industry.


Longking Atmospheric Environmental Research and Testing Center

Longking Atmospheric Environmental Research and Testing Center

Longking Denitration Catalyst Testing Center

Longking Denitration Catalyst Testing Center


4、Scientific and Technological Achievements

> Undertake 72 government’s scientific and technical projects such as the National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program).

> Acquired 595 authorized patents ( 128 inventive patents ),and hosted 45 formulations of national and industry standards, both of them ranks at first in the industry.

> Acquired the National Science and Technology Progress Award for 2 times, and 60 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards.

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